A Few Bits of Code

Household Linux Boxes

How many devices do you have root on?

Everything is running embedded linux these days. Around my home I see a few:
WDTV Live Streaming

Streaming Media Player

A nice little box for streaming media from my NAS to my TV or for catching up with the lastest TV series on Netflix.

Ability to add external flash storage allows usage as a file server in a pinch.

WDTV root console
ReadyNas NV+ v2

Network Attached Storage

My baby. Ideal web/file server with its 4 bays of expandable SATA storage.

Extra USB ports means a bit of hacking will get you a nice print server for supporting that aging USB laser printer you just can't bring yourself to throw away.

WDTV root console
Samsung BluRay Player

Console access should make firmware hacking much easier.

With a bit of luck someone might find a way to reverse engineer that tricky friend of ours, Cinavia.

Samsung Bluray Serial bootup sequence
Samsung LN40C550 TV

Even TVs have little apps running on them these days. The console usually gets you access to the same system they run on.

Someone might try their hand at creating a custom app or perhaps try re-skinning Netflix?

Samsung TV Serial bootup sequence
Actiontec MI424WR Router

It's no longer surprising to find routers running linux, but it is surprising when access to the shell isn't blocked.

Of course, there isn't much there besides BusyBox and a few router specific executables.

Actiontec router shell access

I'm sure we could find a few more with a bit of effort. Smiley

TODO: Raw Serial data from a Samsung Bluray player displayed via oscilloscope

Raw Serial Data via Oscilloscope

That looks suspiciously like serial data!